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Ghost in haunted mansion leaves after Shahnaz Husain moves in

30, Sep 2017 By bhaade_ka_tattu

Pune. A ghost located in Pune’s uptown Koregaon Park area has decided to move out owing to certain grievances which are not being addressed. Sam, a 120-year old ghost who currently haunts a bungalow called Valencia in Koregaon Park, contacted Faking News on Monday to express his angst over another soul having moved into the bungalow, thereby displacing him and robbing him of his livelihood.shahnaz-husain-beauty-tips

In his statement, Sam mentioned that ever since beauty expert Shahnaz Husain has moved in, neighbors and other residents in the area don’t seem to get affected by Sam’s presence anymore. ‘It’s like they see right through me,’ said a disgruntled Sam. ‘When she stands at the window and parts the curtains back, people scream bloody murder and run helter-skelter. When I do the same thing, the passers-by don’t even bat their eyelids anymore,’ he said, tears silently falling from his eyes.

‘It’s like I don’t exist. They don’t seem to recognize how much terror I could spread, just by being there. They seem to think that Shahnaz has the potential to terrify them more,’ he added, stating that Shahnaz Hussain was a mere human being, who happened to have ghostly qualities. She had neither asked for, nor earned such characteristics which are in-built in Sam quite naturally.

Sam denied sharing video footage of both his and Shanaz’s hauntings when this Faking News reporter asked for visual proof that his charm had worn off, stating that he had been shamed enough for not being scarier than a living being. ‘I am now packing up my things and will move somewhere closer to the coast, where I can possibly haunt the docks or storage sheds, if I even have the potential left to haunt any place anymore,’ he concluded bitterly.

This Faking News reporter took it upon himself to report this to the public to ensure justice is served and the ghost receives his due in the afterlife. No mortal should have the power to displace a ghost, that too, using the virtue of their own ghostliness and without an official exorcism, this reporter feels.

In a further development, Sam will be launching a signature campaign among the ghost community to enable him to return with his full former glory to Valencia.