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Girl puts on sweater before watching GoT7 to prove she is the greatest fan

20, Jul 2017 By Sanyam Sharma

The Verma family was like any other family until this month when their only daughter started wearing sweaters. “We always wanted our kids to be comfortable with summer as that would, in the long run, save a lot on the air conditioning bill”, Mrs. Verma looked at the AC with blank eyes as it now stays turned off most of the time.

The Girl, which was previously named Sumukhi, now goes without a name. According to “the girl” a girl has no name. She has also started to feed the lizards in the house. As per her lizards are the ancestor of dinosaurs and hence close relative of dragons. In an exclusive interview to News outlet “Ma ki Ankhbaar” she said,” People cal themselves GoT fans while they don’t even live the show. I am the biggest Got fan ever. People are still fighting over Hindu-Muslims while I am already prepared to conquer all the seven kingdoms.”

Girl watching GoT
Girl watching GoT

Doctors believe that this is the, now very common, Targareyn syndrome. It is believed that people suffering from this syndrome usually catch cold very easily and often are found telling people that winter is coming.Some cases show signs of violence where people with Targareyn syndrome are found threatening and fighting with normal people, of course online. Researchers are still trying to find a cure to this. Studies have suggested that the earliest solution is to expose the patient to binge watching of ‘FRIENDS’.

For now the family is trying to increase the room temperature to make sure that she removes her sweater. “We just want her to accept that winter is still 3 months away”, said Mr. Verma after turning on the room heater. It is very unclear as to how and when will the Vermas get their daughter back to normal. But what is clear for now is that the girl without no name is pretty sure that winter is coming and she wont talk to anyone who doesn’t believe her.