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Girlfriend fails to recognize boyfriend after his clean shave during placements season

14, Dec 2016 By rudrasarangi

Bangalore: With a hectic schedule at management institutes and a freezing cold in the nation, students of the management and technical institutes are forced to shave their facial hair after a long satisfying No Shave November. Students communities believe nobody has the right to ask a man cut his own beard and moustache and it’s every man’s personal choice.

The shocking difference!
The shocking difference!

“Like girls have all the right to wear anything they wish, all men must have their right to keep and grow their facial hair as long as they wish”, said Manindra Jha, a second year student at IIM Bangalore. Although Manindra has been denied to sit in the interviews unless he attends the pre-placement session clean shaven, he warns he will sign out from the placement process but will not part his way from his facial hair. We also observed such incidences in other prestigious institutes in India. Mr. Akshaya Chauhan who is a final year student of Electrical Engineering at BITS, Pilani says, “I am a Rajput and keeping moustache and beard is in our tradition. We must never shave and fight back if the society denies to accept us as we are”. However there are instances where students succumbed to the placement committee’s pressure and experienced some of their lives traumatic experiences. Mr. Anil Verma who is a final year management student at ISB, Hyderabad says after a successful No-Shave November, he had to shave to be eligible for the placements and his girlfriend couldn’t recognise him after he shaved his facial hair off. He said, his girlfriend found him extremely bad looking after the shave and it has only brought him one of his lives most traumatic incidents. Currently with an extremely disturbed mind he is being unable to focus on anything let alone his placements.

Our correspondent connected with the human resources team at Sysinfo to understand the rationale behind such a strong step against the student community from the corporate world. Mr. Jay Bhandari, Head of Global Human Resources at Sysinfo who is also an alumni of ISB, Hyderabad said, “When we were in college, our placement committee had asked us to shave and part for our facial hair after the No-Shave November. It was very disappointing for us then but still we believe our juniors must carry forward the legacy and the chain must not stop and who said seniors can’t rag after they leave the campus.”

We wonder if companies and placement committees have ever wondered whether the placements could be wrapped up before November of each year. This way we believe students can grow their facial hair until they join their respective jobs and part with it eventually and companies can hire clean shaved child-like students.