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Google hires Arun Jaitley as its Search Director

16, Nov 2018 By rakesh dulles

In a major  announcement today tech giant Google announce that it has hired Indian finance minister Arun Jaitley as a director for Google Search businss. Google will use Jaitley expertise in building and bringing next generation of features in Google Search.

Based on impressive performance and past record of Arun Jaitley in finding millions reasons in support of demonetization in last two years Google CEO Sundar Pichai today on the eve of demonetization anniversary announced that he has hired Indian finance minister Arun Jaitley as a search director for building new set of search capabilities to its search engine. An agreement between Google and Arun Jaitley has been reached on this and FM has agreed to join google as search director once his present term as FM is over.

Jaitley seems unhappy thinking thst, "Will have to WORK there"
Jaitley seems unhappy thinking that, “Will have to WORK there”

It has been noted Arun Jaitley has been regularly coming up with justifications and answers to support demonetization in last 2 years in his various press conferences, blogs, facebook posts which was never envisioned by either government or RBI. It has also been observed that every time his reasoning to support has been so different that all the media and economists had put their head to shame. Many famous economists are avoiding any discussions & analysis on this topic. 

Many journalist tried to use google to find justifications for demonetization and logic behind this act but search engine itself has been clueless and results has been very poor. This has led to trolling of search engine due to it inefficiency in finding even half page result is support of demonetization and many tech pundits have criticized Google for not putting enough innovation. Many tech users has stopped using google. In India a group of self proclaimed highly intellectuals (famously known as BHAKTs) are calling government to ban & not use google services. Search engine result in support of DEMO has been nothing as compared to reasoning given by FM in latest video post on facebook.

Google stock has gained more that 17.23% since this announcement & trade analyst are calling hiring of FM Jaitley as search director master stroke. Its not clear if Mr Jaitley expertise will also be used to solve many problem associated with other  google products as well, In past Jaitley has shown excellent expertise & capabilities in finding facts beyond & above any common sense which has led to produce unconventional results not only in support of DEMO but many other topics of national interest also. A query ” Benefit of demonetization” submitted to Google search has yet to produce any result.