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Government to ban luxurious bikes bought of black money, in fight against black money

24, Nov 2016 By Gaurav Gupta

After the move of demonetization which disrupted the entire nation, it seems the fight against black money is far from over. Speaking to our representative, Finance Minister has confirmed that the next target for them are luxurious bikes bought of black money. However, since the demonetization plan was criticized for poor implementation, Government has come up with innovative ideas to smoothly discover such two wheeler.

Robert Vadra was the first one to post his photo with bike.
Robert Vadra was the first one to post his photo with bike.

“We are planning to ban luxurious bikes owned by youth but are not declared on Facebook till yesterday night.” Finance Minister had said. When asked what declaration on Facebook means and which bike would be termed luxurious he responded that for declaration to be valid owner needed to have at least 3 pics of his bike in a dedicated album on FB and any bike with on road price of above 2 lacs would be termed luxurious.

This move, surprisingly though, has met with very positive reactions from both, political parties and general citizens. Aam Aadmi Party leader, Arvind Kejriwal, for perhaps the first time was in support of the current government:

“This is a very good move, kind of move our party would make. Though we would’ve allowed #BlackMoneyBike owners to drive on odd days”, Mr Kejriwal had tweeted.

Our representative went out exclusively to get word of street. There is unanimous support for the move. Here’s what people had to say. “It is only plausible that youth with no pics of his luxurious bike on FB either doesn’t own it or has bought it of illegal/black money. Banning such makes sense”, Ms Chauhan from Gujarat quoted.

A guy from Delhi told, “Owning an expensive bike and not uploading its pics on social media is as stupid as having an extra sim card and not making prank calls.” Another guy from a small town in Haryana said, “I am just glad that I post pics of my Ducati on FB regularly. I have over 386 pics in an album named ‘bikezzz n mee'”.

One of our media analysts was worried that this move might rob off an intellectual guy because of his apathy towards social media but his argument was aptly countered stating that no intellectual guy with apathy towards social media would buy a bike worth 2 lacs.

If sources are to be believed, this is just the start towards banning of assets. What next we ask? Banning jewellery because girl didn’t upload its photos? Banning marriage because Karwa Chauth pics were not found? Or worse, banning a girl child because she didn’t pout? Well, we can never be sure enough!