Government crackdown on news channels

08, Mar 2019 By MadinIndia

New Delhi: After several reports of news channels pedaling fake news without explicitly calling them fake, Government has decided to censor all of them for a month. The censor board for news channels (CBNC) announced has prominent politicians, businessmen, and television and film personalities. It is notable that no journalists, editors or lawyers (except those in active politics) have been selected in this group. All newsroom discussions are banned till further notice. During this month, the government will call on CBI to conduct non-partisan investigation into the allegations.

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The Government’s decision has met with mixed response. Many housewives expressed their gratitude for being able to see their Saas-Bahu dramas in peace and children were happy that their cartoons won’t be interrupted for breaking news. Many people expressed their anguish when they found out that they will miss their daily dose of real drama that unfolds invariably every day during news discussions.

Many psychiatrists in the city have reported to getting increased number of patients with withdrawal like symptoms. Many patients reported uncontrolled shaking, laughing and /or crying uncontrollably, shouting phrases like “India wants to know” etc. The doctors have asked the people to watch out for these symptoms among their friends and family, and take them to the nearest psychiatrist in these cases. Those who used to watch 24 hour news channels are most at risk.

The activity on social media has increased considerably and many people are hurling abuses on each other on twitter to recover from the ordeal of not having the high decibel discussions.

“After an exhausting day in office and reaching home late, the only way to relax was these discussions,” informed a corporate employee who refused to be named as his girlfriend was bound to leave him on knowing this bit about him.

Hear- a- lala, a regular viewer remarked “After all it was all just entertainment!”.