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Government now bans private practice of doctors in India

11, Jan 2017 By led98208

In yet another surprising decision, the Government has banned the private practice of doctors across the nation. The announcement came shortly after the Central Public Health Review team met today for a high level meeting. Health minister Mr. Nadda expects the Prime minister to address the nation shortly through another live telecast.

As per reports, the government will give all private medical practitioners 50 days to apply for a government job failing which they will risk losing their medical license. The government will acquire all private clinics and nursing homes in a phased manner by the end of the year cashlessly in the form of stocks or shares in government enterprises.

What doctors say Doctors are expected to protest in huge numbers. Unnamed sources in the Indian Medical Association say they will appeal for a reconsideration. Many have said this move will backfire. Yet some others feel they cannot adjust to

What patients say Most patients feel this will bring down healthcare costs significantly and have hailed this move. Mr. Pathak, a renowned self remedy expert from Assam has said this will boost indigenous treatment methods like cow urine. Mr Pathak has offered to train doctors for adjusting to this new service oriented life. People have come out to celebrate the decision in large numbers and hailed the pro people government.

However, patients admitted in private hospitals are in for a fix now, because they constitute over 70% of the patients in the country (http://dhsprogram.com/pubs/pdf/FRIND3/FRIND3-Vol1AndVol2.pdf). With private practice coming to an abrupt end, doctors say they have no idea what is going to happen to the patients. The government has asked for patience and calm in these times of turmoil and maintained that this is essential to get rid of rampant malpractice. It said it was also mulling measures to make all treatment digital and cashless.