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Govt asks banks not to deal with customers by following SBI's counter-to-counter and long lunch hours policy to tackle bad loans menace

19, Feb 2018 By sameer mahawar

New Delhi. The senior authorities in the Ministry of Finance have come out with a solution to reduce the ongoing frauds taking place in the banking sector.

The banks have been advised to follow SBI’s strategy to avoid dealing with customers at first instant itself so that no loans are disbursed and they couldn’t become non performing assets at subsequent stages, which would leave no scope of mounting the bad loan trouble the said industry is going through.

Arun Jaitely extremely excited during announcement
Arun Jaitely giving tough warning during announcement

Dr. Rondu B. Adhia, the chairman of the Finance Committee, who himself haven’t been spared by SBI employees who always greet him by saying “Abhi lunch time hai baad mein aana” or “Mujhe nahi pata, counter number 3 se pucho” came up with this idea which he sees as a panacea for the bad loans problem.

He said, “For general public, going to a branch of SBI may be a pain, but this can be a blessing in disguise for public sector banks. The customers aren’t addressed properly so that they don’t end up don’t business with them. No loans to them will mean no NPA. Na rahega baans, na bajegi Bansuri. The advances will decline and so will the probability of default. Govt will soon notify other public sector banks as well to not to be customer friendly but to provide them a hostile environment.”

“Extra hours for lunch reduces the business hours significantly. This time can be used to train employees playing solitaire. Also, banks should not address customers queries at first instant. He should be moved from one counter to another till he arrives at last counter of the branch. This way, he will forget why he came to branch”, added Dr. Rondu B. Adhiya.

Asking him as why all the scamsters are fleeing abroad after doing frauds of billions of dollars, he said that he don’t have time answering this as he needs to go to airport to see off PM who is going to his next international trip.