GST will help to solve the following issues persisting in India since a long time

27, Jun 2017 By rofl gujju

Fakinng news HQ: Government is going to roll out the GST from this 1st of July. Government Ministers, Secretaries and financial experts are holding summits in various places to disseminating information to the citizen.Being a responsible media house, FN also holds Special talking session with Economic expert Mr.Albert Prasad Shukla.

As similar to the government stand which considers GST as the panacea for all problems of the India, Albert Prasad Shukla also projected the following are the impact of the GST in India.

1. Help Government to deposit 15 lakh to the account of each Indian.image 1

2. Help Rohit shrma to show his talent on Ground.image 2

3. Help Indian citizen to sponsor more foreign trips to PMimage 3

4. Help to Make India clean.image 4

5. Help to Prepare a tea.image 5