A Gujarati businessman caught smuggling Marijuana flavoured Khakras to the US

20, Jul 2018 By harsh patel

A Gujarati businessman, Manish Patel, living in New York with his family had recently come to India to attend his distant cousin’s wedding whose name he forgot during the interrogation. He owns a grocery store in New York where most of the food items are Gujarati delicacies.

Methi or Marijuana?
Methi or Marijuana?

According to the statement given to the police, He confessed to the crime of smuggling but he was forced into doing it because there is a lot of demand for an unusual kind of khakhras in the US. A couple of years back he had come up with the idea of making Chinese khakhras which had become an instant hit amongst the Gujarati communities living abroad. Since then he has been associated with a lot of such path-breaking inventions in the field of Khakra making like Italian Khakras, French Khakras, Pav Bhaji Khakras and many more such khakras.

After the amazing run in the FIFA world cup by Croatia, he was thinking of coming up with Croatian Khakras though he does not have a slightest of knowledge about Croatian food. But before he could work on it there was a growing demand for marijuana khakras by a lot of third generation Gujaratis born in the US.

Manish Patel came to India last week to try and test some of this khakras in his factory at Vadnagar. He tested them and remained zoned out for a couple of hours. Just as he was trying to take the samples back to the US he was caught by the Airport Police. His family has disowned him after learning about his conduct. USFD will soon be raiding his store in the US and in India.