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Gurugram: A giant leap of development in Indian history

15, May 2016 By sk00411

Gurugram (Gurgaon) situated in the NCR, had been a major centre for various crimes of all sorts. It seemed impossible to maintain law and order in the region, and various law agencies had given up the hope for ensuring safety and security to its citizens. But, just then the Haryana Government came up with the most innovative strategy to deal with all these problems (and actually solve them), by renaming the reason to ‘Gurugram’. This huge announcement left the opposition surprised and people awestruck.

Not only would this announcement reduce (or actually) eliminate the crimes in the region, but it would also inculcate high moral and ethical values in all its citizens, as the name is derived from Sanskrit and it means, the village of teacher (Guru), and is so different from Gurgaon.

We will be observing some drastic improvements in the region very soon, just by renaming it, like: • Crimes in the region would stop by themselves • People will be filled with sanskaar and high moral values • Drinking, smoking, human trafficking, drugs and other such activities wont happen as people would be filled with the right values after the renaming • Road rash and all kinds of violence would cease completely. • Poverty will be eliminated by itself and there would be no one starving. • All those who had left their parents at ancestral homes, old age homes or elsewhere would bring them to their homes and take proper care of them, as now its no more Gurgaon, its Gurugram so there would be joint families like in olden times.

And there are several other benefits which can’t be expressed in just one article.

But, everything which has such huge benefits will have afew downsides too. Some of them which hugely bother all the secularists through out the country are:

• All the non-Hindus and secular would slowly automatically teleported out of the region because of this Sanskrit name. • There would be no non veg food or intoxication available. • Only one type of political ideology would exist as, because of the Sanskrit name, everybody would start practicing Indian values and traditions strictly and sincerely. • These are few of the many concerns of the Secular.

It is widely rumored, that the rising star of secularism in our country, Kanhaiya Kumar will very soon be organizing protests against this name, and his slogans are going to be like:-

Humko chahiye.. Azaadiii.. Gurugram se.. Azaadiii.

Iss Hindu naam se.. Azaadi.. Halwon mein padne waale Kaaju Kishmish Badaam se.. Azaadi..

Netpacks ke badhte huye daam se.. Azaadi.. Dusseheri aur haphus aam se.. Azaadii.. Azaaadi.. Azaadiii.. Azaadiii.. Azaaaddiii.. Azaadii.. Inquilab Zindabad!