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Guy travelling in Shatabdi Express loses his conscious while in toilet, Suresh Prabhu helps by sending Odonil through green corridor

11, Nov 2016 By sameer mahawar

Ludhiana. Jasmeet Singh,a man who was travelling in Shatabdi Express on his way back to Delhi after spending Diwali vacations at his home, felt unconscious when he went to pee after controlling it for four hours.

'Odorless toilets' in 'Indian Railways'
‘Odorless toilets’ in ‘Indian Railways’

The toilets in the train have pacifying aroma which usually isn’t liked by the passengers. Some of them avoid it by controlling their pressure while other give up to the nature’s call and have to lower their pants for relief.

Jasmeet also tried his best to not to use the train’s toilet but his will lost to the building pressure, all thanks to free juices and tea served in the train.

A co-passenger who was standing near the door of the same coach in which Jasmeet was present claims to know the whole story and said, “I saw a man coming to the toilet. He took a deep breathe before stepping in. I thought he might be a fan of Baba Ramdev and was doing Pranayam, but story was different. As per my calculations, he was trying to not to inhale while peeing. But the breathe might haven’t lasted for long which resulted him to intake bunch of undiscovered gases present inside chamber. As soon as he inhaled, his throat choked and he fell down.”

Sarthak Ahuja,a regular twitter user, who was also travelling in the same train reported the incident to Suresh Prabhu who is well known for resolving the passengers’ problems within no time. The Railway Minister decided to send Odonils to neutralize the effect. To establish normalcy in Jasmeet’s body at the earliest, odonils were sent through green corridor without wasting any time.