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Hackers blackmail HBO Game of Thrones to release season 8 episodes after they stole them by time travel

24, Aug 2017 By Kaptaan Chidiya

Unknown hackers of unknown country of unknown planet of unknown galaxy have politely asked HBO for a ransom of 10 Million $, refusal will lead to a leak of entire Season 8 of Game of Thrones (GOT). Producers of the show were in utter shock when they realized they have not yet started the shooting for season 8. Hackers then identified themselves as the ones who watched Doctor Who .. the show of which no one ever talks about.

While hacking GoT's latest season
While hacking GoT’s latest season

They were such a huge fan of Dr. Who that they hacked BBC and even watched “behind the scene” videos of the show thus learning how to make the stupid telephone booth for time travel. An unknown man revealed that the most difficult part of making the time travel machine was finding a telephone booth and after they found one they made the machine and the first idea they could think of was watching season 8 of GOT. They were left distressed after knowing who sits on the rusted iron throne and wants only 10 Mn $ of money as compensation.

HBO, however, refused the offer (as usual) and threatened them by threatening to change their story and make Sansa the ruler of the seven kingdoms lawfully (awfully) wedded to the Night King. In reply, the hackers threatened them back by not releasing the episodes but only the SPOILERS of season 8. Actions of both HBO and hackers has angered a lot of GOT fans and they are all teaming up to donate for hackers.

Apparently, An accurate scientific social media rocket science research interestingly discovered that most of the donators has not even watched a single episode of GOT and are just funding as this is the new social media craze and they just want to follow this. Some of the guys are using this opportunity to impress girls, because donating money to this cause shows that they watch GOT and they are cool additionally, donating money showed how much you cared for the show and how much money you make. Thus adding your three plus points.

This fund raise caused an exponential global funding with a total sum of 50 Million $. The fans then decided to give 10 to the hackers and the rest 40 to HBO for not letting GRRM write the last season.