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Handpumps fall short of people's wish

22, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: When the wells had dried up, the trend of the hand pumps was considered fit but this arrangement too proved to be futile as these were lying defunct. How can a road user quench the thirst if the hand pump lies inoperative? The authorities concerned seemed to have nothing to do with these points. The general people are bound to suffer in the sweltering heat and the Municipal Corporation sees every aspect of this persistent reality. Out of order hand pumps clearly, send out a message to the people that these are only meant for installation on different suitable places. The main purpose of providing drinking water has been lost somewhere. As many as 4812 hand pumps are not operative in the city areas. The Corporation has left the hand pumps unattended and uncared for.

As per the figure, there is a total of 11889 hand pumps have been installed here.  As many as 4812 hand pumps are totally non-operational. Re-boring of these hand pumps has not been completed so far. This mechanical task has turned into just like the police case which is not registered quickly owing to the area of crime in different police stations. The Jal Kal department points out that the re-boring and repairing are looked after by the Jal Nigam while the Jal Nigam department stresses upon the re-boring responsibility to the Jal Kal department in accordance with a fresh policy of the state government.

The budget for the needed work most often remains unavailable. The general public frets and fumes at the paucity of the drinking water accessible along the road. The people feel a deep urge for the drinking water when they face enough hotness. The thirsting condition grows out to be intolerable. In such difficult situation, the hand pump becomes the only source of obtaining drinking water easily. However, the defunct hand pumps restrict this opportunity to the thirsty people moving on the roads, the streets or the lanes within the city precincts.