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Haryana policy to FN : We didn't run away, we were preparing for the gold medal for the next Olympics

29, Aug 2017 By rofl gujju

Chandigarh:- We saw the pics of the Person in police dress running in the street of the Panchkula yesterday, we the citizen of the India thought that the police were running away from their duty. But as per the Haryana police, the reality is totally different. A top official of the Haryana police gave an exclusive interview to the faking news editor Pagal Patrakar on condition to keep his identity anonymous. Here is the transcript of interview:Police Riot

Pagal Patrakar ( PP): Why your person leave the battle field yesterday? Why are your men having guns in hand run away? A police officer (PO): Look we just Follow our tradition. Haryana is the land of the Kurukshetra from where Lord Krishna run away from the battle field and earned the title of the Ranchhod.

PP: But, He was lord and it was his smart battle tactics. PO: Then this was our tactics.

PP: What tactics? PO: we are preparing the team for the next Olympics. We were doing practice that.

PP: Ohh…then why you choose this time only and not during the Jat reservation agitation? PO: Look PP, Then Usain bolt was on the field then. Now, he retired and We think we have a chance.

PP: Oh Yes…I am also got excited by watching the visuals of running speed of your police officers. I am quite sure that they are the best in this earth to replace Usian Bolt. PO: Thanks, PP.