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Hearing the closing of IIPM student wants to know where he will get a free laptop and a Europe tour for Rs10 lakh

03, Jul 2015 By sunnyyy

IIPM Campus: Ever since the news of shutting down of IIPM campuses run by Arindam Chaudhary has gone viral, students across the country are mourning outside the campus of IIPM. They demand to know where they will get a free laptop and a Europe tour for Rs. 10 lakh once IIPM shuts down campuses.

Arindam is sad with the decision and wants IIN to buy IIPM
Arindam is sad with the decision. Now who will pay for his Europe tours.

There is a perception that most of the students who take admission in IIPM are the ones who are not even allowed near the Delhi University  Metro Station let alone get admission there but this myth has been busted recently by a student named Sunoji Sharma who is protesting outside the IIPM campus for his rights and privileges.

“All my life I have wanted to use a laptop of my own on the top of Eifel Tower in Paris and IIPM was the only way to do that. I have cleared the first cut off of St Stephens and SRCC,” Sunoji Sharma told Faking News as he googled for IIPM Level colleges in India on his phone.

He further revealed, “We never had the money to buy a laptop, my parents had been saving their every penny to collect Rs 10 lakh to get me admission in IIPM so that I could get a free laptop and a free Europe tour.”

According to our academically challenged sources, IIMs A, B, C have taken a sigh of relief ever since they heard Arindam Chaudhary is closing its shop.

“We are extremely happy, IIPM was the only competition for us throughout India. Other IIMs don’t even stand a chance in front of IIPM. Even in their own surveys, new IIMs rank themselves much below IIPM. IIPM has 100 % placement every year and it is achieved by giving admission to the kids of Business people only so that they would come for the placement and hire their own kid and if they could afford they can hire their kid’s best friend,” spokesperson of IIM told Faking News as he distributed kaju barfi to his peers.

Perhaps the students protesting outside the IIPM campus literally want to know where they should go to study to get a free laptop and a Europe tour once IIPM is closed.