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Hema Malini starrer Kent RO advertisement completes a successful 13-year run; Government declares it a national heritage

14, Mar 2018 By gabehcuod

The Central Government, on Thursday, vide a notification in the Official Gazette announced the inclusion of the Hema Malini starrer Kent RO advertisement in the National Heritage List. The announcement came in wake of the advert completing its 13-year run on TV networks.

After UNESCO recognition, Hema Malini gets some respect in country too
After UNESCO recognition, Hema Malini gets some respect in country too

Following the announcement, the National Heritage List, which boasts of some of the world’s oldest works of art- Qutub Minar, Khajurao Group of Monuments, Red Fort among others, will get a new member. Historians agreed that it was about time this honour was conferred upon the decade old advert. “In my lifetime I have seen governments fall and rise, generations come and gone, some of the ancient monuments withered away; but this advertisement has withstood its ground against all the challenges posed by time. I cannot think of any other artefact that deserves more to be on this list.” said Rakesh Mohan II, a famous historian, in an exclusive interview with Faking News.

The RO Company was delighted by this announcement. It has reportedly decided to increase the run time across all the Indian TV networks, intensively targeting the Sports networks in particular. The TV viewers, however, did not welcome this news. The cricket watching community shunned this decision. “Like they’re already showing 4 ads in a 1 minute over break. It’s like we’re not watching a cricket match, we’re watching a 4 hour long advertisement programme with some cricket thrown in between.” said an enraged cricket enthusiast Bhola.

Meanwhile, foreign based marketing agencies have roped in the Kent’s executives to share their idea on how to make these kind of evergreen advertisements. “Even our most expensive ads with A List Hollywood actors lasts barely a year. We would be happy if the Indian agencies could educate us about their modus operandi so we could cut down on our costs.” disclosed a spokesperson from Durden Advt. Agency, one of the leading US based marketing agency.