Thursday, 21st November, 2019

Hoodie sales go up by 750% because of Gully Boy

31, Jan 2019 By snidescribe

Once he used to sleep on a gully near Linking Road, Bandra but now Abdul lives in a studio apartment near Shah Rukh’s own house. Things have been looking up for Abdul ever since the trailer for Gully Boy came out. The first day he sold 100 hoodies, even though the temperature in Bombay was 32 degrees that day. The next day even more people lined up to buy hoodies, and utter inexplicable things like ‘Bahot hard’, ‘Faadu’, and ‘Kadak’ after putting on a hoodie.1547662903-Hardik_Pandya

It was on the third day when someone asked for a striped hoodie that Ranveer was wearing in the Gully Boy poster that Abdul understood the real reason for all his sales. Abdul observed that apart from college kids, even grown men and women are now lining up to buy hoodies from him.

Sidhant Sahjwani, a manager at Zara told us that the sales of jackets and casual blazers have dropped drastically since Gully Boy, ‘All they do is ask for hoodies, it is astonishing.’ Ravi Lakhani, the head of design at Raymond’s commented, ‘We are working with our designers and tailors to develop a line of formal hoodies for weddings. We thought this was a passing fad, and places like Mumbai which don’t have a proper winter season won’t fall for this, but we had plenty of grooms asking us to stitch a hoodie to their wedding suit. It’s a very disturbing fashion trend, but we also sell maroon-coloured suits. So who are we to judge other people?’

The craze for hoodies has also reached the medical community. Students of multiple medical colleges are now wearing makeshift lab coats with hoodies sewn into them, and are rapping the diagnosis to their patients. ‘One elderly patient smacked an attending doctor when he rapped his diagnosis about piles, but that hasn’t fazed the students from rapping and sporting hoodies.’

When we asked Abdul whether this is a one-time trend that will fade after the release of the film, he smiles to himself and points at a teenager on the road, ‘Look at that Linking Road ka Snoop Dogg. He’s sporting two hoodies in this heat, all for flaunting that extra swag. I don’t know if Asli Hip-Hop is coming to our gullies, but these hoodies are here to stay.’

The question the nation really wants to know is whether Arnab Goswami will wear a hoodie on his next show.