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HR asked to prepare Biryani for Eid after decorating Rangoli for Diwali, to showcase communal harmony

27, Jun 2018 By AdityaSachan

Mr. Policywala at Dinosys has been working very hard since last few days but at the kitchen of corporate office than his own office.

‘Mr. Policywala has been caught red handed for discrimination. The supreme leaders of company asked him to rectify his sins. Mr. Policywala has been working since many years in Dinosys, and was well known for his excellence in making Rangolis, Christmas trees, Flag on Independence and Republic day. The unique game developed by him (As stated in his performance appraisal), Secret Santa is very famous during Christmas celebrations in office.

Go and prepare BIriyani
Go and prepare BIriyani

The Rangoli competition during Diwali is another benchmark. During Independence and Republic day, he is known for making sure everyone wears one of the tri-colors of our flag. But this time when he told in meeting that he will send Wish mail for Eid to everyone. One person raised question and things went crazy’, explains Rangoli winner of FY18.

‘When people raised question on why nothing special on Eid. Mr. Policywala made lame excuses of Goats not allowed in office. But he was finally cornered after exchange of 750 follow up mails and 5 meetings. Everyone took the decision that he must make Biryani for all employees and showcase celebrations neutrality and respect for all community. Since then he has been in cafeteria kitchen learning and preparing Biryani’, says his team member.

‘We respect all religions and communities. We also showcase that all time. Mr. Policywala is happy to acquire new skill and competency for his ever growing career in Dinosys. He will serve delicious Biryani on Eid. In case of failure, he will not be eligible for his upcoming grand annual salary hike of 1.05% ‘, commented his Boss.

Our team tried to reach out to Mr. Poilicywala, however we got an auto-reply in email stating- ‘I am in back to back kitchens making Biryani. Kindly expect delay in my response. Warm Regards, Mr. Policywala’