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HR manager not able to explain his job profile to his co-passenger on a 1 hour local train journey

06, May 2016 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Mumbai locals are known for crowd, fights, accidents, lifelines etc. But in retrospect it is something which binds the social fabric of Mumbai. People exchange experiences, ideas, sympathies and sometimes, even food. People being very particular with the correct timing and the correct train to catch, it seldom happens that you come across same co passengers on a daily basis.

After an hour of a fail explanation and discussion, both of them got busy on their phone
After an hour of a fail explanation and discussion, both of them got busy on their phone

Few of the topics which are a hit during discussions through the journey are Rahul Gandhi, odd-even rule (no idea why people in Mumbai are bothered about Delhi), IPL, Acchhe din and other irrelevant topics. With more time spent comes great camaraderie and discussions related to one’s profession.

Rahul, who is a frequent traveler from Thane to CST has made many friends during his travels. He is a HR manager at a reputed MNC. Just another day he met a business man on the seat next to him in the same train. They were sharing the same journey, but not the same occupation. On being asked about his profession, Rahul explained it with the minute of detail possible, right from his office timings, job profile, appraisal process, etc. But somehow it didn’t make sense to his fellow traveler.

The fellow traveler was surprised to hear about a profession where you get paid for just reaching office on time. He was not able to understand as to how taking out employees on an outing can be considered a job. Rahul in fact showed him a presentation on his laptop regarding the various things a HR manager facilitates in an organization. Much to his surprise, nothing made sense to the co passenger who thought Rahul was joking, and in reality no such profession existed. After an exhausting journey of 1 hour and series of explanations and discussions, Rahul felt helpless. Finally while getting down at his destination, he took the email id of his fellow passenger and promised him to get back with his detailed profile in a more comprehensive manner.