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Husband goes missing while shopping with his wife

22, Jul 2014 By Gaurav Mittal

There is a theory that shopping is a medicinal herb for women who can jump out of hospital beds if some sale is going on and man gets ill at thought of shopping with a woman.

The theory got more weight when Rahul, who went on to shopping with his wife Rashmi went missing after 3 hours of roaming all around in the shopping mall. Later on when a search operation was launched, Rahul was found sleeping in one of the washrooms of the shopping mall.

Rahul accompanied his wife Rashmi for shopping as she had been asking him for last two weekends but Rahul could not do so because he had been having working weekends. As per CCTV coverage of the mall, the couple could be seen moving from one shop to another for 3 hours and then suddenly it was only Rashmi who could be seen with no signs of Rahul.

“I went into the changing room but when I came out to ask  Rahul how the dress was looking on me, I found him nowhere. I thought he might have gone to drink water but when he did not return for 10 minutes, I left him a message on WhatsApp and continued shopping,” told Rashmi while recalling the event.

She continued, “I realized after 1 hour that he has neither come back nor has he replied to my message. I called him  but he did not answer my phone. Then I contacted the security at mall who launched a search operation and found him sleeping in washroom. In the end  I am happy because I was able to get some good deals and found my missing husband too.”

Rahul – who was still looking lost and irritated – told us, “There was no place to sit in shopping mall for people like us who come just for the sake of it. Even if we tell our wives what is looking nice on them, ultimately it is their own choice that matters. For 3 hours she tried almost 20 items but selected only 2. When we went to the billing counter we found that those 2 were not on sale and were from fresh stock. I was ready to pay as I wanted to go home as soon as possible but she said that there is no point in buying fresh stock when there is a sale ongoing. So she again started looking and trying in changing room. The change room had queue like those seen at Rajiv Chowk metro station. I was waiting outside change room for 15 minutes but she did not appear. So, I went to washroom to relieve myself but did not know when I fall asleep there.”

“I am not sure how can there be Monsoon Sale when there is no Monsoon in India?” Rahul added in the end.