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Husband sues online shopping community for forcing his wife to convert

05, Jan 2016 By dollymehta

Mumbai. A 30 year old IT employee from Mumbai, recently sued DesiDime, an online shopping community, for scheming to convert his wife in to a shopaholic. Mr Sanjay Jha from Mumbai has alleged that his wife, Shilpa has been spending a lot of money and shopping a lot more than necessary ever since she joined this website called DesiDime.

Shilpa doesn't go to office on events like Big Billion Sale, neither she wastes her time in sending their kids to school
Shilpa doesn’t go to office on events like Big Billion Sale, neither she wastes her time in sending their kids to school

Explaining his predicament, Mr Jha says that it was only six months ago when his wife had stumbled upon this unassuming site and signed up for it. Since then, his phone’s inbox has been flooded with alerts from his bank, his home with delivery boxes and his brain with questions like- Do I look fat in this? Does this table cloth go well with our curtains? The wife has even bought a baby care kit, despite the fact that the couple does not have a child yet, simply because they were up for a great discount.

Sanjay Jha claims that his wife was never a compulsive shopper. In fact, her disciplined shopping and her amazing self-control over her buying impulses were few of the many things he loved about his wife.

Even during the most trying of times like the End of Season Sales and festive offers all around, her urge to save always used to trump her urge to shop more. However, since joining DesiDime, both his and her credit card bills have started looking like a catalogue of e-commerce sites.

Meanwhile, has strong evidence in support of its defense that had the wife shopped without the site she would have ended up spending three times more in comparison to what she was spending before joining the site. Pramod Sharma, the VP of Marketing at DesiDime said, “This is a joke; how can somebody sue us because we helped them save money? Insaan hai ya insane? Ever since joining us, Mrs. Jha has taken to the site like a duck to water. We haven’t had to send her any follow-up or ‘come back’ emails. In fact, Mrs. Jha is quite popular on the forums and enjoys a celebrity-like status amongst fellow shoppers on DesiDime. I sense some envy in the complaint Mr Jha has raised; maybe it is simply that he is not receiving as much attention from Mrs Jha, as he used to. Because one thing we can assure you is that Mrs Jha is definitely not spending more money.”

However, Mr Sanjay Jha refuses to believe this and insists upon a full inquiry in to the matter.

On the other hand, the solicitors in charge of the lawsuit will be looking closely at all the shopping bills of Mrs Jha, which she has incurred in the past one year, and compare her current expenses with her spends before she became a user of the site. Even the comments made by Mrs. Jha on DesiDime’s various forums, deals and merchant pages will be investigated so will her conversations with other Dimers (the users of the website) to get a holistic view of things. “We will be closely analyzing each and every clue at our disposal”, state the lawyers.

Mrs. Jha remained unavailable for comment as she was busy seeking deals on DesiDime, this time for her Valentine’s Day gifts and dresses.