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IIPM launches 4-day MBA program

19, Mar 2016 By fekuchaitanya

Mumbai/ Delhi. In a bid to enter Executive MBA segment, IIPM has decided to launch an MBA program which is just 4-days long, entering Guinness Book of World Record for offering the shortest MBA in the world.

“Chu**a in just 4 days!”

The program consists of one-day orientation followed by 3-days placement season. Talking about the motivation behind the program, Mr. Arindam Chowdhary said, “Looking at the historical trends, we have noticed that companies offer jobs to candidates based on their past performance only.” Citing the example of summer placements, he mentioned, “CAT is used by these companies as a shortlisting mechanism and MBA learning does not hold much relevance”.

Talking about the current process, Mr. Arindam said, “We feel that the current process has a lot of unnecessary complications which can be removed to make the placement process much simpler. This new program of ours give students a shot at that coveted job. We feel that students should not be made to suffer through 2 months long placement process just to get a job and the process can be made much less painful for all”.

Talking about the program further, he mentioned, “While joining those coveted B-school programs one can not do without a huge loan amount, our course fees is just Rs. 50000 per day and applicants can pay this through their savings only, and the best part is if you feel the need to study further, you have enough options”.

We wish Mr. Arindam Chowdhary and IIPM a very Best of Luck in this new initiative.