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IITian predicts the end of GoT to solve world problem

08, Jul 2016 By sidekick

IITians are known to walk an extra mile. But this time, an IIT student, Chota Chetan, may have gone too far by predicting GoT’s final seasons even before GRR Martin could figure it.

It all started when Chota Chetan, like other IITians, was implored to solve real world problems. He reasoned that the wait till the next season of GoT was perhaps the most widely prevalent urban problem, afflicting developed and developing countries alike. He was convinced that there had to be a solution, and like almost every other solution, it would reside in an app.

LOTR and HP fans were of limited help, which prompted Chota Chethan to watch Twilight.
LOTR and HP fans were of limited help, which prompted Chota Chethan to watch Twilight.

Explaining his predictive model, Chota Chetan had this to say, “GoT is modeled as a classic market re-entry problem. The market-Seven Kingdoms, is currently being dominated by the leaders, Lannisters, who have grown weak due to a hostile takeover and subsequent churn in leadership. The market challengers- Targaryens and White Walkers bring aggressive contrasting strategies-dragons and magic, respectively. Evaluation and comparison of these strategies is thus fundamental to predict the outcome of GoT”.

A couple of weeks back, Chota Chetan had reached out to his college mates to understand the pecking order of dragons and magic. Needless to say it created a huge furore dividing the college into two factions. First faction, Lord of the Rings fans, argued that dragons would dominate magic as was evident in The Hobbit, the Elves couldn’t help the Dwarves. The second faction, Harry potter fans argued that dragons could be controlled by magic, and hence the White Walkers would have an upper hand. The dispute ended in a battle of rock-paper-scissor. Past data is critical to predict future outcomes. In this case, dragons and magic seemed tied.

Contrary to mainstream observation, the movie was not completely useless. It helped him see a pattern. Edward took help from the Werewolves to defeat Volturis.  Dwarves sided with Elves to defeat Orcs. Harry Potter took help from much of Hogwarts to defeat Verdomont. Markets are captured through alliances-joint ventures (JV). Heck, even World War I and II was won by the biggest alliances.

Extrapolating the above pattern, Chota Chetan has predicted that Danaerys Targaeryans will get help from her brother-Jon Snow, who knows nothing for now, to defeat the White Walkers. Along with this prediction, Chota Chetan’s app also predicts the fate of other characters such as Cersie (will die), Jamie (will die), Tyrion (King’s hand), Jon Snow (King of the seven kingdoms) and Rickon (King of the North).

GRR Martin was not available when Times of India reached him for comment. This did stop them from quoting an insider (imaginary?) source,”Yet another American’s job was done by an Indian. HBO is planning to sign him to write subsequent scripts (not books) of GoT.” TOI promptly ran the headline-” First Rajan, now Chethan- Modi Govt does nothing to prevent brain drain”.

At about the time the story went live, Chota Chetan’s app was deleted from the Playstore, and he refused to speak on the matter. His friends report that he spends much of his time crying hysterically in his room, howling, “Please dont kill Lyanna, again. I am sorry GRR”.