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Illuminate villages, try towns

21, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: City’s low voltage problem has even stirred the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath but its twelve-monthly old Khapra Mohaal railway over bridge is yet to be energised by the electricity. The sunlight is ample on the road of the overbridge and the moonlight also falls fortnightly but the benefit of electricity is hitherto missing from its standing poles. The fittings are also completed while the current of the electrical energy is not illuminating the compact fluorescent lights in a row.

Our Chief Minister talks of lighting the rural areas during the night hours vehemently but he seems unaware of this over bridge condition. Correctly, emphasis on rural electrification is getting prominence in this BJP government. That’s why as many as 13469 villages have been electrified as of May 18, 2017. The maximum number of villages covered in states like Odisha, Assam and Bihar respectively. But the urban areas are still not emancipated from various kinds of power supply faults.

Frequent power cuts and low voltage problem are daily occurrences. The faulty neutral wire is also causing a dim light problem. On account of constant reduction in water level earthling is proving useless incorrect electricity supply. Extra transformers and shorter feeders can be beneficial in removal of low voltage. Even KESCO’s Technical Director RS Yadav has the same opinion. Woe is that the Khapra Mohal railway overbridge still lies in utter darkness. The vehicle riders are moving on the overbridge road with the help of its own brightness, beam or glow. The electricity is not reaching its imposing poles. The bridge structural design is as intricate as making the movement risky. The danger lingers at its turn also. Why so, if every higher authority knows of this anomaly.

Delay in the electrification of the over bridge road is because of a very basic reason. The Bridge Corporation has not so far applied for the electricity connection to the Power Department. Though the over bridge was opened on May 8, 2016, there was nothing initiated in this connection? Is it not a case of inefficiency? Whatever reflection of the running vehicles is spreading on three sides helps the movement possible amid imminent fear of mishap all the time. The time the overbridge complete there was a long wait for its inauguration and even after one year the over bridge lies in utter darkness. Queer indeed it is!