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India to import Japanese citizens to keep Kashi clean

03, Sep 2014 By MRP

Kyoto, Japan. Yesterday Prime Minister Modi signed an agreement with Japan to develop Kashi on the lines of Kyoto. It appears as if Modi had drawn up the plan for the entire project, for he snatched the initiative from the Japanese Prime Minister Abe in answering the questions in a press conference. He explained the project in detail.

Modi In Japan
Pact signed with Japan to develop Kashi.

“The aim of the project is to bring the two cities of Kyoto and Kashi on par.” Abe tried to clarify something, but Modi continued. “These two are great cities. With Japanese co-operation, Kashi will be developed into a modern city, There will be metro, mono rail, flyovers, skyscrapers and what not.”

While the Japanese reporters were awed by the plan, Indian correspondents were sceptical. One of them asked, “Mr. Prime Minister, we know that Kashi is not clean. How do you propose to keep the city clean after all the infrastructure is built? People throw garbage on the streets, spit everywhere. Roads are bad. Anyway, this is the situation in every Indian city, but it is more so in Kashi.” But Modi had an answer. “Everything is worked out. We will bring in Japanese citizens to live in Kashi. Then there won’t be any cleanliness issue.”

Abe was feeling uncomfortable. A Japanese reporter had a query, “Mr. Modi, what will happen to the thousands of people who are already living in Kashi?” Modi replied, “My friend, it is not thousands. Kashi’s population was three and half million when I left for Japan, may be more by now. Anyway, all of them will be shifted to Kyoto.” Abe fell off the chair. Recovering, he forced himself saying, “Mr. Modi, if that is the idea, we will have to rethink the project.”

Sensing trouble, Modi diffused the situation. “Well Mr. Abe, we may not move all the people to Kyoto. Some may be moved to other parts of India too. Anyway, let us leave it to the officials to work out the details.”

Later, when a reporter asked Modi in private what the idea behind moving people from Kashi to Kyoto was, Modi explained. “The idea is to make Kashi and Kyoto similar. If we cannot convert Kashi into a Kyoto, we will convert Kyoto into a Kashi”.