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Indian Government to revoke Aadhar for people don't post "Watching Bahubali with" from theaters

29, Apr 2017 By Aruna Kasturi

Bahubali is an Indian epic historical fiction film directed by S.S.Rajamouli, which does’nt need introduction, had hit theaters on 28th April 2017.

People and fans are watching it with phenomenal pre-bookings and black tickets.When everything sounds smooth,something is happening behind the reach of common people’s thinking. Our Govt. of India is noting down everything, observing people’s Facebook profiles. It is considering that the people who post “watching Bahubali with” as civilized citizens, they are the people who perform their duty with utmost respect .They are the people who inspires others by sharing the experience on the most reachable social media platform Facebook.

PM Modi very stern about his this move
PM Modi very stern about his this move

Our Faking News reporter reports that our government is planning to revoke Indian people’s Aadhar cards who don’t post “watching Bahubali with” on Facebook”.

On a chit-chat with our faking news reporter, Our P.M mentions that they are in the terms of discussing deals with Movie theater owners to give free Wi-Fi in theaters for all the people as a part of encouragement to use social media in theaters.Using social media in theaters is not a fad nor trendy anymore, it is mandatory for motivating movie watchers to  encourage other people for a good cause.Such inspiring people should not sit in theaters for three hours without the access to social media.Leaving them without social media for 3 hours may cause a great loss to the nation’s GDP.

PM added, “People who don’t post on social media about their social life are being considered uncivilized and mean to the nation.And we don’t want those kind of people in India”. After huge and long discussions with our reporter, he concluded that at least posting on twitter and setting Whats app status is required to hold back their Aadhar cards.

In this regard, Faking news is requesting people to continue show casing their patriarchy towards nation and bring pride and protect their Aadhar cards.