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Indian Government to award Indian citizenship to Foreigners

20, Sep 2015 By Pranjal

In a first, the Indian Government has decided to table a bill in the Parliament to allow some selected Foreigners to keep their original citizenship and at the same time acquire the citizenship of India. This move comes after the Swiss Player Martina Hingis helped Indians Sania Mirza and Leander Paes to win the US Open in Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles categories respectively.

Hingis on hearing about getting an Indian Citizenship
Hingis on hearing about getting an Indian Citizenship

Speaking to the media, a spokesperson from the government said that the BJP government is fully committed to boost India’s chances of winning maximum medals at the next Olympics and this move is also a giant step in that direction. He said that, earlier seeing her love for Indian partners, the Government had offered Hingis Indian citizenship by relinquishing her Swiss citizenship(as India doesn’t allow dual citizenship). But she politely declined the offer citing her love for the beautiful Swiss countryside and chocolates.

It was then that our honorable Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj came up with this brilliant idea of dual citizenship that would allow Hingis to keep her Swiss nationality and become an Indian citizen as well. Then along with Sania and Leander she could represent India at the Olympics and pump up India’s chances of winning 2 Olympic Gold Medals.

This news has really gone down well with Hingis. In fact Swiss media reports suggest that Martina Hingis is so excited from this development that she is even planning to change her name to Martina Hindustani.

Elsewhere, our honorable prince of Congress was quick to attack the BJP government on this issue. He said that the government doesn’t care about the Olympics and they are doing all this only to make sure that in the next Elections Martina votes for BJP. Although when we questioned him about the hosts of the next Olympics, he ran away shouting, “Let me ask you the same question”.