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Indian Railways announces Ludo King as Official Gaming Partner

10, Aug 2017 By Vritika Mirchandani

Indian Railways has been getting a lot of flak these days, both from the commuters and the government. The people commuting on the train have always complained about the pallid conditions that they are required to travel in. These problems include not being able to get a reservation, unhygienic travelling conditions and inedible food. The government is now finally starting to acknowledging these problems.

Indians always love to play
Indians always love to play

However, the Ministry of Railways has again swept the matter under the rug claiming that they “will look into these matters”. The truth of the issue is that they have realized that fixing these problems will take too much time and more importantly too much money. So, rather than actually doing anything about these problems, and to not spend  money, they have decided that they will instead distract and dissuade the public with a shiny new toy, i.e. Ludo King.

In that regard, the Ministry of Railways has just announced Ludo King as their official gaming partner. The higher ups of the department got the idea when they noticed that nearly every passenger played Ludo King while travelling on the trains. And not only were they enjoying themselves but were so lost in the game that they didn’t seem to even notice the dirt and garbage around them. Many even chose to forgo eating the food served to them instead choosing to focus all their energy and attention on the game. It did not matter how short or long the journey was; for the first time the passengers looked like they were enjoying the journey rather than feeling like they were being punished.

When asked about the announcement, Mr. Bureaucrat had this to say on the matter, “We realized that people were enjoying Ludo King so much that they forgot about everything else, so we though why not harness this for our benefit. Why fix obvious issues and concerns, instead we are hoping that by promoting Ludo King as a way to entertain themselves on the train ride, we’ll get people to forget that their problems existed in the first place. The situation is a win-win.”