Monday, 21st October, 2019

Indian Railways launches new train Barbarata Express dedicated only for vandals

31, Jan 2019 By electroman

After facing a huge loss caused by the damage to newly launched train by vandals, Indian Railways have gone in to deep thinking mode. Vandals have caused damage worth lakhs of rupee to Indian Railways by damaging the newly launched Tejas Express and Train-18 etc. People were seen stealing headphones, bath fittings, led screens. Gone are the days when people will just steal the lotas chained in the toilets. Nowadays people steal from trains and open their own electronic or sanitary ware stores.

So Indian Railways have come up with a new train called Barbaratha Express dedicated exclusively for vandals of India. It is fully electrified and travels at a speed of 30kmph, so that vandals can throw stones to break the glass windows. It consists of a variety of coaches which will fulfill all the needs of a vandal.

Already broken glass that encourage more vandalism
Already broken glass to encourage more vandalism

The pristine white coaches with white color seats and floor – the dream of every paan spitter

The coach with easily removable electrical fittings and bath fittings – Screwdrivers will be provided in the emergency escape hammer case

The coach with blackboards for walls – For the lovebirds that want to etch their love for eternity

Toilets fitted with Noticeboards – For writing mobile numbers for free sex and pasting ads for STDs treatment

A smoking coach for all the smokers – Fitted next to Pantry car with dedicated Chai shop and bench to maintain the ambience

A bar coach for the drunkards – A brawl coach will be adjacent for people to quarrel afterwards

Railway minister has flagged off the train today. It will start its run from Delhi and tour all of India and reach Rameshwaram as its final destination where its final remains will be scattered in sea.

This move has been successful so far as it has taken the attention of the vandals from the other trains by attracting all the attacks in one single point.