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Indian Railways to allow people to hook electricity from it's overhead wires this summer

28, May 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

New Delhi. Indian Railways today announced its intention of allowing people to hook electricity from it’s overhead wires so that they can enjoy uninterrupted supply this summer. This move is chiefly set to benefit the people of UP and Delhi whose CM’s stellar Governance has ensured long power cuts.

Arvind Kejriwal cutting off connection taken by AAP supporter
Arvind Kejriwal cutting off connection taken by AAP supporter

We spoke to a close aide of the Railway Minister Mr. Suresh Mahaprabhu for more insight, “Indian railway has been taking a lot of social initiatives recently like transporting water to drought affected areas in Maharashtra and UP. So we wanted to continue this tradition. We got the idea about this recent initiative after 2 railway officials who were visiting UP never found any electricity during their seven day visit. When they were frantically searching for electricity to watch the episode where Simar turned into a fly, the RPF inspector arranged for it by hooking into the VIP line of the local politician. That’s when they thought about letting people borrow electricity from our overhead wires which enjoy uninterrupted power thanks to them being attached to the national power grid. Also everyone would be given free safety equipment so that they can carry out hooking without any fear. We are even thinking about creating a dedicated hooking corridor where people can hook electricity without any train disturbing them”.

We spoke to a local resident to gauge the people’s mood, “Now electricity coming to our homes has the same chance as that of it raining in the Sahara desert, i.e its a once in a lifetime event. We also have sold all our electricity stealing equipment as there was no electricity available to be stolen in the first place. Now thanks to the Indian Railways we can now get 24/7 electricity. I will now start buying train tickets to show my appreciation.”

People are now requesting the railways to provide AC coaches in each locality so that they can get more comfort.