Thursday, 21st November, 2019

Indian Science Congress- Leaning more towards Mythology

31, Jan 2019 By jayprakash s. chauhan

It’s ‘Lovely Professional University’. The University is now full of students, teachers & lecturers. Professors, Scientist, Industrialist & learned citizens are also present. Few renowned professors & scientist from the developed countries are also present. It’s a conference  by Indian Science Congress. Thus, the conference hall is full of audience.

One of the vice-chancellor address the audience.Untitled

Ladies’ & Gentleman, our Hindu civilization is really great. Before about 5000 years, the western world was primitive. They were living in jungle. The concept of test tube babies is not recent. It is stolen from our country. Moreover, the 100 Kauravas were born due to such technique. In addition, we were having the planes. Even at the time of Ramayana. The king Ravana was having about 24 aircraft. Kunti was conceived by Mantras. We all know that Sanjay describes the Kurukshetra war to Dhutrashtra. Thus, he was using Television set. Einstein’s equation E= mc2 originally belongs to Bhagvad Gita.  Therefore, we are proud of our heritage. We must include these topics in our science courses too.’’ He even utters few words to win the heart of politicians.

The audience give him a big applause.

The oral & poster presentation is very prestigious at this conference. Hence, many lecturers & professors are presenting their works. Most of the papers are on mythology. The mythological ideas same as shown in the scriptures. Hence, they earns few points to increase their API. API for further promotion. Thus, they too are happy.

Reaction of International Community.

The deliberations of the conference spreads in the world. As a reaction, the developed countries now denies to provide latest weapons. Also denies latest space crafts & latest technological know-how. We import latest computers & latest electronic equipment from developed countries.

The secretary address the conference at the last day. Says, ‘Our scriptures gives us imaginative ideas only. The technical aspects are missing. Thus, he advises the scientific community to work hard.