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Indian software engineer invents Jugaad Intelligence (JI) for short term fixes, will implement JI based systems soon

29, Nov 2018 By Beer & Biryani

Bengaluru: Sameer Shetty, a software enginner working for a not-so-renowned company has made a significant breakthrough in the world of computer science by inventing Jugaad Intelligence (JI) in his restroom facing cubicle.

Speaking to Faking News, Sameer said, “I used Anything-Fits-Anywhere algorithm to come up with this intelligence, which basically looks for any useless appearing matter in 20 square feet surroundings and then maps it to the problematic area eventually providing the solution with ease. It will capable of producing a million short term solutions for every single problem.”

“As a next step, I will be implementing this in our JI based computing device. If everything works as expected, it will soon be available for sale on Flipkart and Amazon”, Sameer said with confidence.

When asked about long term solutions using JI, Sameer said, “Sorry, you will need to use your own brain for that. JI is for eternal short term solutions only.”

With JI articles floating everywhere, Indian fraternity appears to be quite excited with this new feature that is going to rock the eCommerce market soon.