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'India's population to reduce by half if it decides to prepare list similar to Assam' - UN report

01, Aug 2018 By javidsouza
This picture represents Assam, reserved seats inside, yet illegal boarding everywhere.
This picture represents Assam, reserved seats inside, yet illegal boarding everywhere.

Geneva: United Nations has expressed its concern over the ‘projected population decline’ that India has to face, if it starts sending out its illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

In a report tabled at its session yesterday, it has been explained in detail over the growing population in India over the past four decades and what constituted as major propelling force in this monstrous expansion of its population. At the end of the report, it has expressed caution to the Government of India to not prepare NRC list similar to what it had done in its North-eastern state Assam.

Speaking to Faking News, the brain behind this report, Norsik Langdungin said, “Imagine, India doing a similar identification of its legal citizens and illegal immigrants. If the same percentage might be recorded across the country, it would lose nearly 12 crore of its population. That might be several Indian states. This will land as a several blow to Modi’s dream of pushing India ahead. Or at least, he cannot go live before crowd, addressing his usual dialogue of ‘125 crore Mit rown’.”

Indian authorities however were tight-lipped about any possibility of such list being drawn for whole of India in near future. A high official working in MEA commented on conditions of anonymity, “Look bhai! Bangladesh is like a toothpaste squeezer. It sends all its contents outside, but never takes them back. Have you seen a squeezer accepting back its toothpaste?”

He further narrated a funny tale on the recent Assam list. “Once the list was finalised, authorities were planning to send back few hundreds of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants back to Dhaka. So, we planned to drive to their places and was shocked when we found out that our drivers were also not in the list. Then, we called upon auto drivers and guess what? They too were not on the list. Exhausted, we went to nearby market to eat something. The entire market was not on the list.”

As per sources from Bangladesh Railway ministry, train drivers were seen fleeing from their jobs upon hearing that lakhs of their fellow citizens were expected to return to their country. CCTV footage have revealed that few trains were also trying to flee from their sheds to this side of border.