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Indigo passenger offloaded for wishing his friend over phone

11, Apr 2018 By MRP

Mr. Suk Yaan, a Chinese national came to India on a holiday. But never in his wildest dream did he think he would land up in such an unfortunate situation as he did. That too for no mistake of his. The over zealous Indigo Airlines offloaded him for wishing his friend.

After visiting cities of Mumbai and Delhi, Suk spent a few days in Lucknow. From there he was supposed to fly to Bangalore to visit his friend Jack. After escaping the Lucknow heat and the congested Lucknow airport lounge, Suk felt relieved when he boarded the Bangalore bound plane and was escorted to his seat by the over courteous Indigo staff. Little did he realize that his happiness would be short lived.

Indigo crew – alert and always ready to rise to the occasion
Indigo crew – alert and always ready to rise to the occasion

Suk was excited at the prospect of meeting his friend Jack in Bangalore, after a gap of several years. The two had spoken to each other about Suk’s trip to Bangalore to visit Jack, and it was planned that Jack would pick Suk at the airport. Suk was to call up Jack after boarding the plane so that Jack could start from his home that is ten kilometers but three hours away from the Bangalore airport. So, Suk called Jack to inform him that he had boarded the plane and that is what landed him in trouble. For, when Jack received Suk’s telephone call, Suk said “Hi Jack”, rather loudly.

No sooner had Suk spoken thus than a dozen or more alert crew members of Indigo rushed towards him, for they saw a hijacker in him. Terrified at the sight of a swarm of people about to pounce on him, Suk frantically yelled into the phone “Hi Jack. You can start now. I am coming” and disconnected the call. This confirmed the captain’s suspicion that Suk was part of a hijacking team and had just them signalled to his partner to start the process of hijacking.

It was in fact an extremely swift reaction on the part of the crew members to leave their tasks at hand and land on Suk. Their task at that moment was to swat mosquitoes and beat up a doctor passenger who complained about the mosquitoes.

No amount of explanation by Suk would convince the Indigo crew that he was innocent and just happened to say an innocent “Hi” to his friend Jack. The crew could not understand Suk’s Chinese or broken English and Suk could not understand the crew’s Hindi.

Finally, both Suk and the doctor were offloaded from the plane on the grounds that Suk was a potential hijacker and that the doctor was complaining too much about his co-passengers, the mosquitoes.