Thursday, 21st November, 2019

IT industry plays Big Boss with Graduates


After the election of Donald Trump as President of Russia, season 1 of IT Big Boss has started in India.

Responding to queries from the ChutiyaRepublic TV about intentions of starting such a unique game show, the CEO of Tech M said, “See an average Indian is quite smarter than their western counterparts, so this social experiment is to test their mental strength.We are analysing the outcomes by treating them like slaves with low salary & minimising their hikes.To maximise our show’s cost efficiency, they have to overwork freely.”

The show’s concept is so impressive that even KRK requested to be a part of this new endeavour.Employees would be tasked with technical assignments which have nerve wrecking deadlines.In case of failure, they would be awarded a Maggi packet as a token of appreciation & fired instantly.Also, employees willing to donate their brains to foreign clients would be rewarded with extra points.

An anonymous employee of Tech M said he is entirely joyful with the recent developments as it would make his life more adventurous like Salman Khan.As his variable pay has decreased, so he is quite optimistic about learning unique art forms of survival in frugal conditions.According to leaked reports, as prize money wildcard entry to the Automation’s Big Boss House would be arranged for all the finalists in season 1.

Many IT companies have also played an early April Fool prank on recent hires by delaying their joining dates even after providing them with Job Offer letters.It seems that Big Boss wishes the young graduates to loose all their sense of self-esteem so that they would quickly abide by the rules of the game.

Many economists like Superman & Rajnikanth have already given a standing ovation to the IT service companies for this brilliant strategy to improve their quarterly profits.

But despite widespread allegations about layoffs because of the game shows, the HR executives are promoting it with a lot of enthusiasm.The spokesperson stated that it is the need of the hour to drive our employees to depression.After being in despair because of work environment, it seems entirely possible many of them might commit suicide.So in the long term, it would create more job openings. The government has declined to intervene in this matter as a decrease in population would help in the overall growth of India.

Meanwhile, Psychologists & Dhaba owners across the country are rejoicing with the new developments as it would lead to a spike in their businesses.Many parents quite concerned that their investment of 20 years aren’t paying off have approached the Prime Minister’s Office.The PMO office suspecting them to be JNU professors asked them to sing national anthem 108 times by standing on one foot as a pre-requisite condition to get job offers from Patanjali & Reliance Industries.