Inspired by Modi, Man signs an MoU with a local chemist for regular supply of medicine during rainy season

18, Jul 2016 By Ritesh Sinha

Mumbai. Finding it hard to bear the pain of increasing medical bills due to illnesses occurring during rainy season, a man has signed a Memorandum of Understating with a local medical store to supply him medicines at wholesale rates.

While signing the MoU
Bhakteshwar while signing the MoU

Bhakteshwar Kale, a.k.a. Bhakt, the mastermind behind this MoU told us the reason as why he entered into this agreement. “Like every other Mumbaikar, I was waiting desperately for monsoon. But on the very first day, like half of the city population, I got hit by cough and cold. Being from a health conscious family, I went to a doctor who handed me with a long medical prescription written in Sanskrit.”

“When I showed that Sanskrit script to the chemist, he handed me with some tablets and cough syrups. Bill of the stock was much heavier than the stock itself and also overpowered my salary slip. Thinking that what would happen to medical expenses if two or three more people get infected from my family, I immediately signed an MoU with him for uninterrupted future supply of medicines at controlled prices. A newly developed online food ordering application will take care of the logistics.”

“Also, as my name suggests, I am a big fan of Narendra Modi. He has been signing MoUs with every country he’s visiting to. The number of visa stamps in his passport are lesser than the number of MoUs India has signed with unknown African countries. The act done by me is a small replica at ground level”, said Bhakt and waved towards the camera with a smile.