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Inspired by Saint Teresa, this Engineering girl has become a doctor for the poor and downtrodden

05, Sep 2016 By manithan

Cuttack: Inspired by Saint Teresa, an Engineering graduate has left her job to take care of the medical needs of poor and downtrodden in her state.

Smita Nayak, aged 27, hails from Cuttack and had completed her Engineering six years back. She had joined a software company, like every other engineer and worked there for five years, until last year.

"Praying hands have cured many people than Diagnosing Hands and Operating Hands", said Smita.
“Praying hands have cured many people than Diagnosing Hands and Operating Hands”, said Smita.

“It was then I felt a void in my heart, a vacuum in my brain”, says Smita, when we asked about what instigated her to take up medical services. “While I was working in Hell, my friend who was working in an NGO met me. He outlined me the various activities they do as a part of their NGO – several missions into dark and obscure villages spreading light among their hearts. I realized that I too need to be in such a job rather than holed up in the office at dark night watching the light from my monitor.”

It is a point worth to be noted that Smita has joined NGO as a doctor, despite being a graduate in Engineering alone. “Yes! I was given the freedom to choose my field of service and I chose to be a doctor for the poor people in three villages nearby. It was Mother Teresa who inspired me to take up this task. Right from my young age, when I read about her in books and watched her doing service to diseased and deceased people in TV documentaries, I always wanted to be like her. Now, I have got a chance to do similar service to poor and needy in those neighbouring villages.”

When asked how she can treat patients without getting MBBS, she said, “Arrey! You do not find a problem when a Mechanical Engineer works in IT but have a problem when an Engineer works as a Doctor? Like my role model, I will be praying for the sick patients and take care of their final days by attending their soul’s needs. By coming to me, those poor and needy people will surely see the light at the end of the tunnel. Why should I waste another 7 years studying MBBS, when prayer to Saints can cure them?”