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ISRO sues American author John Gray, after Mangalyaan fails to find men on Mars

24, Sep 2014 By geesundar

Bangalore. Renowned relationship counsellor and author of the book “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” has been sued by ISRO, after Mangalyaan, its Mars Mission failed to find men on Mars.

Where are men?

Speaking to Faking News, a spokesperson of ISRO said, “ISRO had launched Mangalyaan, the world’s cheapest Mars Mission, with a view of finding men on Mars, as Mr John Gray had famously claimed. But to our dismay, we are yet to find any traces of men on the Red planet and hence have decided to file a case against Mr.Gray. On any planet, finding men has been easy, finding women has only been the problem. But Mars is an exception.”

John Gray was quick to respond. “The cost of ISRO’s Mars Mission is to be blamed for this failure. Hollywood movies on space travel with higher budgets than Mangalyaan have successfully found men on Mars. ISRO’s unwillingness to invest in higher distance covering technologies has resulted in this failure to find men in the nooks and corners of Mars.”

Post this mission, ISRO’s mission to find Women in Venus has been put on hold and a mission has been started to find more women on the Earth, the planet with the most declining % of Women.