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IT Company does not assign cubicles to HR team, asks them to work from cafeteria where they spend most of their time

23, May 2016 By dasu

Bangalore. The management of a leading IT company headquartered in Bangalore is tracking every penny that goes towards operating expenditure in the company.

The director of the IT company who is heading this cost control did not want to disclose his name as some of the measures he was taking are unpopular decisions. The director said, “As you know, every year we recruit thousands of engineers from colleges. Though a large portion of them go to bench after training, but we cannot ask them to sit on bench, everyone has right to have a cubicle”.

HR Manager happy with the announcement
HR Manager happy with the announcement

The director added, “However setting up cubicles for everyone and its maintenance cost us a lot. We look for employees who hardly come to office and whenever they come, you would hardly find them in their cubicles. I have seen most of my HR team work in this manner. As we have shortage of space in our food courts and lot of employees, we have extended breakfast timings which is from 8AM to 11AM, lunch is from 11:30PM to 3:30 PM and then unlimited tea time till our office cabs start leaving around 5 PM. This was done so that employees do not have to rush through, have their meals peacefully sitting in chair & table”.

“Probably our HR team have taken it upon themselves to see everyone eats properly or not, observe each and every employee to know how is their morale as they spend their entire day in food courts talking to each other. I want to thank my HR team as they have voluntarily come forward to donate their cubicles and have asked me if there is a need, their laptops can also be taken. They can manage all their work through their smart phones as most of the days there was no need for them to open their laptops”, said the director.

“Only condition from the HR team to have certain section of cafeteria to have ambience like café coffee day or Starbucks. Unlimited amount of coffee should be provided to them free of cost so that this will keep them going”, said the director.