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Jio offers new service, calls it “retreat to mountains” mode

08, Aug 2018 By Pankaj Gaur

Just as the competitors thought that they had started to catch up with Jio, with their comparable data plans and voice services, it seems Jio had another trick up their sleeve all this time. The new service, labeled “retreat to mountains” mode, is activated by default on all the connections and, obviously, free of any cost. The procedure to deactivate the feature is not yet clear. From the data that could be (voluntarily) collected so far, it seems like a location based service but it does not use the GPS technology as similar other service do.

The new logo of Jio
The new logo of Jio Mounted Mode

A senior spokesperson summed for us the intent of service. “With the connectivity and devices surrounding us all the time, people yearn to get moments when they are disconnected from all of this. People travel far into mountains and caves for these experiences, taking appreciable risks and spending loads of money. But now we are offering similar experience within the cities and towns, right where people stay.” Many users were able to confirm the presence of service, although not all appreciated it. “You are in the balcony and the signal is there. As soon as you enter the room it’s all gone, phone disconnected”, confirmed one of the Jio users.

Another user complained that she had wanted to book a cab but she did not have signal in her phone. She walked around hoping to get connectivity but ended up reaching her destination before she could get any functional network on her Jio sim. People have started to identify the locations in their home where they can use Jio sim, terming them Jio hotspots. “Usually it’s the balconies and anywhere by windows. Might be the hall sometimes but nowhere more interior than that”. Another feature of the service is demographic activation. Whenever there is a crowd you are guaranteed absence of any functional signal, so that you can connect with actual people rather than engaging in your phone.

There seem to be mixed review about the service, some terming it revolutionary and some as malfunctioning. Just like any other event these days, the true nature of service cannot be known, with both parties aggressively assertive of their opinion.

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