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Journalism curriculum to include 'Reporting Taimur Ali Khan News' as new subject

06, Feb 2019 By AdityaSachan

As Taimur Ali Khan is covered by all new channels and news papers on daily basis since his birth in 2016. For many journalists it has become a full time job and area of expertise to cover and report any and all news related to Taimur Ali Khan.


‘After I finished my degree in Journalism and joined ENDEE-TV. I started my career almost same time when Taimur was born as Reporter for Bollywood News. I never expected Taimur Ali Khan will become such an important part of my career and life. Today, I am Senior Reporter and Expert in Taimur Ali Khan news. I have built a credibility and fame with my hard work. If I say Taimur Ali Khan ate Belgian Chocolate Ice-cream, no matter what other channels report their fake news on him eating halwa, gulab jamun or anything. People only believe my news,’ comments Senior Reporter Sara.

‘Taimur is here to stay. While we always believe in updating our curriculum to stay updated with technology, new era of journalism. Taimur is class apart. He is just 3 year old and has more than 1000 articles dedicated to him. We do not want our students to stay behind. This can be exciting and awarding career opportunity. Imagine so much to happen in future, Taimur to get his first girl friend, his board exams, whether he will take Maths or Biology or Commerce, his first movie and so on. We cannot let our journalism students feel unprepared for the situations and hence we launched this subject, ‘Reporting Taimur Ali Khan News’ and we hope it will become mandatory subject and not just an elective in Journalism.’, informs Dean of Journalism college.