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Junior colleges in Hyderabad launch integrated IIT, AIEEE, iOS Development, EAMCET, LAWCET, CAT, NDA course for 10th pass-outs

26, May 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Hyderabad: In what is being regarded as a revolutionary integrated course, junior(+2) colleges in Hyderabad have launched a massive integrated course that will cover the syllabus for all prominent entrance exams in the country, including National Defence Academy and iOS Development.

In a launch event that happened yesterday, several intellectuals and academicians from across the country were invited while Sharmaji, the father of the highest scoring student among relatives, was the chief guest of the event. Aspiring bright students machines were also welcomed to express their feelings on the mega integrated course.

“Soon, 10th passouts could be reading iOS development concepts.”
“Soon, 10th pass-outs could be reading iOS development concepts.”

Speaking at the conference, chief guest Sharmaji said, “Human mind is capable of many things which we are not even aware of. This heptagonal course will turn out to be a boon for students, and will displace their thinking bar in all dimensions making them mini intellectuals by the time they pass-out of 12th. I commend the efforts of the people behind this idea, and will recommend this course to all my relatives including those who are planning to have kids.”

Delhi intellectual Mr. Rattawala said, “I think German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian need to be added horizontally as third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh languages respectively, in addition to Sanskrit and English as first and second. I would also recommend raising the passing marks to 90 out of 100 as exams on these subjects will generally be ignored by science students.”

“Every morning, instead of starting with IIT study hours, the intermediate students must be made to run around college with books in their hands. Whoever runs faster and is found to be fitter will need to be given more coaching on NDA entrance”, said a noted physical trainer who was also invited to the event.

Speaking to Faking News, an excited fresher intellectual who scored 90 percent in 10th standard said, “I’m looking forward to the heptagonal course. I just can’t wait to join college and start my day studying for IIT. In the noon, I would study for EAMCET while evenings would be dedicated to 8 languages. Actually, my uncle recommended an additional course which I could take after returning from home. Thinking whether I should go for it. What do you think?”

As per our sources, some corporate colleges have literally started adding the 8th course: Android development in order to be ahead in the competition.