Karni sena takes the challenge, announces Live Jauhar during the premier of Padmaavat

23, Jan 2018 By Puja Roy

Now that Padmaavat has been cleared by the Supreme Court to be released across all states in India, the karni Sena is doubly geared up to fight against this injustice meted out to their ‘battle of honour’. Adding to their repertoire of nose cutting and beheading, they are back again with a serious challenge to Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The Karni Sena has declared that 2000 Rajput women will practise Jauhar on the same day if the film releases In Rajasthan.

Our special correspondent tried to contact the leader of the Rajput Queens to get more updates on the latest arrangements being made around the mass Jauhar. He was initially thrashed by the men of the palace and later educated that it is against the honour of a Rajput queen to meet random outsiders.

Like-minded discussing the ins and outs of Jauhar
Like-minded discussing the ins and outs of Jauhar

Our correspondent didn’t lose heart, he sneaked peaked into the private conversations of 3 karni Sena officials and this is what he heard them saying.

“There shouldn’t be any mismanagement regarding this mass Jauhar. All essentials should be bought well in advance. Our women are our pride, so their sacrifice shouldn’t be belittled in anyway.”

Another one says, “Well, even we could have gone ahead and gave our lives, but that wouldn’t be going with the tradition, we Rajputs follow tradition to the core. It is always the women who sacrifice for honour. Our rich culture and heritage speaks for itself.”

The third one says, “But Sanjay Leela Bhansali has asked us to see the picture, should we see it? After all, he is requesting us so that he can retrieve the money which he spent on making this picture.”

“Are you mad or what? We have lost a lot of money in this campaign, thanks to those politicians who came to our rescue, they are true angels. May god bless them with long life and ministership so that we keep getting such funds and continue this battle to justice. These money minded directors, what do they know about Rajput honour? I heard this Bhansali has requested that hero Akshay Kumar to postpone his film so that this he alone releases his picture and make money. Only if we allow that to happen.”

“ Yes, what has it come to, have you heard about that other picture? My goodness, I cannot even say with my own mouth what it is about. It is on some female napkin thing! Our mothers and sisters never even raised their eyes infront of us and now we have to see all this nonsense. So much insult to our women happening all around us. All because of this English education. Long live our khaps.”

“Let’s focus on the Jauhar for now. Make sure all the Ranis are well decorated before they perform the great deed. We will allow media to take one long shot of this great act of sacrifice from that wall (showing a wall on the other side).”

Listening to all these our correspondent almost had a fit and could barely manage to report to office with these details. Now it’s all about the wait to behold history repeating itself. After all it’s the great honour of the Rajputs that is in question.