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Kids are becoming brainier

06, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: People are amazed to find the broadening of the little kids’ understanding in regard to more or less everything. It becomes clear from their habits, manners and actions. They consider their mental power and outwit their parents or elders. They know where to act and where to adopt endurance. Their conversation and action, of course, fascinate one and all.

Less than two-year-old Abdul slyly taps the parked car in front of his flat only to listen its warning siren and the time he finds car’s owner looking at his mischievousness, he quickly runs away from the place. Even younger than him Ayaan understands other’s move watchfully and directly darts away. Another little boy seeks immediate help of any elder if he finds dog approaches. Their exposure to the television makes them more intelligent indeed.

In an admission test, a brilliant boy startled the interviewers by his quick and brilliant answers. When he was asked how will six mangoes be distributed among four men? His immediate reply was by making the mango shake. Another query: When was Gandhiji born? He replied that he was born on his birthday. Further, in which state does the Ganges flow? He answered in the liquid state. Which war caused Tipu Sultan’s death? He responded that he breathed his last in his final war.

Why are today’s kids gaining talent? The simple answer is that they are getting sufficient information by viewing the television. Those days are over when the kids used to learn everything at the age of four or five years. Currently, this is their age of admission to a school where they study the three ‘R’s. Even the mothers are completely impressed with this development in the kids’ tender life. What they cannot expect from them are found to be doing curiously.

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