Kill time by killing mosquitoes

25, Jul 2018 By shakeel ahmad

It was only the admission was important for them. It so seemed when they expressed their disenchantment by attending the classes in the college. One said she had gone to college for one single day while another stated she had gone for merely two days. Some others were also looked unenthusiastic in going to the college. Then what was the direct worth of taking admission in that prestigious college? They counteracted by saying that their first-day experience was not good.

“They were passing time by striking the tiny flying treacherous mosquitoes in the asbestos-roofed classroom.” When they sent the message through Whatsapp, one fellow friend reacted, “Oh! My God, Mirchi! Your message only widened my eyes and narrowed eyes’ iris.” This rambling message to the fellow girl student was enough to verify their displeasure. She knew how they planned to reach the college but everything ended in discontent. It was the main cause behind dragging their feet back from the college. Earlier they were impatient to go to the college, but currently, their enthusiasm had died down. The place, the building and even the class were reasonably new to them. But the dirt, the soot and the suffocation in the classroom forced them criticising the insanitation on the very first day. Their friend was confused a little bit by learning their exact different realisation.

As a result, the girls decided to not to go to the college campus for a few more days. She was now thinking as to how would three long years be passed in the college if they had developed a peculiar notion? They appeared confused, as was clear from their conversation. The noiseless air on the college campus was acceptable to them. MoThey joined the most excellent college for study in the undergraduate course but unworthy.