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IT lay-off : Act of god OR less employees, less traffic campaign?

13, Jun 2017 By SB

The real reason behind IT lay-off  – Act of God / Less Employees, Less Traffic Campaign

What is Act of God:

Several IT professionals in traffic daily pray to reduce this traffic from the bottom of their fuel engine. Looking at the true prayers of their IT devotees, he decided to fulfill their wishes this year. It is speculated that God came in the dreams of IT companies higher management and directed them to start reducing their employee counts in traffic prone cities on the basis of their karma (performance). He concluded with ‘Tathastu’ and disappeared. It is believed that God has taken an IT avatar to curb the sins of IT people.

नाख़ुश IT कर्मचारी
IT employees’ only expression

What is Less Employees, Less Traffic Campaign:

It is also rumored that this campaign has been started in almost all big IT companies to contribute towards clean environment & clean work space. Everyday, several wrong people heads towards right direction and create huge traffic. Yes, we are talking about IT professionals. To cater this traffic problem leading to Global Warming, the companies claim to have proactively started doing Lay-off.

Even, according to them circle of a lay-off will actually reduce this problem in future. This is how it goes:

Lay-off >> Less Employee >> Less Traffic >> Employee reaches office on time >> More Productivity >> More Profit >> More Hike >> No Attrition >> No Lay-off

What is your take on this? Do comment.

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