Sunday, 29th March, 2020

Lay's demand skyrocket as people gasp for fresh air in Delhi

04, Nov 2019 By sameer mahawar

Air Quality Index being the highest on Sunday has made the workers in lay’s production centres to work round the clock to make and sale more packets to increase the supply of fresh air in the city.

delhi air

One of the employee from the Marketing Department of the company commented, “In a packet of 55 gram, the volume occupied by potato chips is around 25-30% while rest of the space is filled with air. This air, which was till date being ridiculed and considered as useless, is now being demanded by the public at large with much desperation. They are now ready to pay the price for fresh air that they used to mock in recent times.”

“Our workers are working day and night. Inspite of wages, we are giving them fresh air to inhale which otherwise is impossible to get in the National Capital Territory” added the manager.

Few customers were seen covering there face with a pack of Lay’s so that they could get rid of the temporary asthama. The demand is so high that people have started buying the packets of potato chips in bulk to keep it as a buffer stock.

The company has been approached by Greta Thunberg to make her its brand ambassador.