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Like IRCTC, Ola and Uber to introduce algorithm that wouldn't allow males to share cabs with females

04, Dec 2016 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai. To make life of single males more miserable, top cab aggregators Ola and Uber have decided to adopt the model of IRCTC that is proficient enough to keep opposite sex far apart.

As per the sources (mainly comprising of Engineering college students), IRCTC has an algorithm which doesn’t allow males to get reservations in compartments where females already have their seats booked. So, a male going on a long journey via railways with a hope that there will be atleast one female nearby his berth is always left disappointed.

"Is this a female cab or male cab?"
“Is this a female cab or male cab?”

It’s in the news that single guys are leaving no stone unturned to enter 2017 as a couple. Booking Ola & Uber in sharing mode is another way by which they are trying to get a hook-up in case their luck favours.

This hack is leading to heavy bookings and resultantly the surge pricing, which is under the lens of various State Governments and Honorable High Courts. So, to avoid any penalty, Ola and Uber have decided to cut down those area of operations having unnecessary demand and limited revenue.

Speaking to Faking News, the Chief Technical Officer of one of the companies said, “We have been facing a sudden increase in our sharing sector. People use to book a cab, see their co-passengers name and then decide whether they will ride on or not. If it’s a female, they would go ahead, else they just simply cancel the booking giving tough times to our drivers. This hit the availability of cab for other services and loss in revenue.”

Jagdish Kumar, an engineer who first discovered this hack has been in a hysteria since this decision said, “I have been searching for a girlfriend since my college days. My Engineering college didn’t provide me with a single opportunity, neither did IRCTC. The last time I had been closest to a girl while travelling was when she had her berth six boggies away from mine. Ola and Uber share gave me many chances but I couldn’t capitalize. I was looking forward for more shared rides with females but now they have come up with the same algorithm which is used in IRCTC for bookings. This is the real intolerance.”

Though the move maybe good for the business, but the people with unisexual names still have the chance to travel with opposite sex.