Thursday, 20th February, 2020

Little boys' minds run like CPU

14, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Badly behaved boy asked his peer, “Will you befriend me?” The reply was as such: “Seriously think about it but as the half-yearly examinations are on it is hard to decide just now. After the completion of the papers the decision will be conveyed.” Both the boys were lower junior class students at different schools. However, their respective minds were working like the computer’s Central Processor Unit. The little boy who questioned the queer query was dumb at the answer.

The little boys are no longer unaware of the happenings around them. They are no longer just the same as used to be seventy years ago. It is definitely by their constant exposure before the television. They come to know of everything so early and easily. Their brains work as fast as the computer as or even faster than that marvel of the technological advancement in the modern times. They plan, perceive and differentiate every kinds of matter like the elders.

Their wits would have been far more improved if they devoted time on their text books. The drawback is that they do not lend their ample time to their obligatory studies. They attend their respective classes compulsively. They do not sit to study on their own. They try to escape from books all the time. It is the parents’ pressure at the home which goads them to open the books for study.

At their different schools the teachers are also failing to inculcate in them an interest towards learning. They have followed a tendency to simply practice everything at home. The student-teacher conversation at the class is not seen these days. The little students seem to attend the class in the awful atmosphere. The teacher does not shower mercy upon them. The teacher does not raise to the position of the trouble buster.